The space to lead. The freedom to be led.

The deep woods cradling Golden Valley Camp offer the Space and Freedom for your group to experience the peace, serenity, and spiritual renewal found in Christ.

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Camp Rental Prices

The rates listed below are per Full-time Guest.  The prices include meals, lodging and use of the recreation equipment.  Each group is responsible for their own programs and counselors.


            1 night lodging,   3 meals,     $60 ea.
            2 nights lodging, 5 meals,     $100 ea.
            3 nights lodging, 8 meals,     $150 ea.
4 nights lodging, 11 meals,    $200 ea.
            5 nights lodging, 14 meals,   $250 ea.
            6 nights lodging, 17 meals,   $300 ea.


Evening snacks on request for $1 each camper

Additional meals may be added to the above for either additional group meals (e.g., 2 nights, 6 meals) or for individual visitors at $7 per meal.

Rental Regulations can be downloaded here.

“Delbert & Phillis, the camp managers, are really nice and helpful. They treated us as if we were part of their very own family."

Vivian R.