The space to lead. The freedom to be led.

The deep woods cradling Golden Valley Camp offer the Space and Freedom for your group to experience the peace, serenity, and spiritual renewal found in Christ.

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Golden Valley Camp Facility

At Golden Valley Camp we have one goal and that is to provide the space for you to do your ministry as you see fit. We provide the space and you use it to best meet your needs. Our camp is setup to allow groups the opportunity to get away and spend time focusing on their relationship with the Lord. Our Facilities allow for groups to enjoy a comfortable rustic setting that is void of the distractions of everyday life that so easily draw our attention.

How it works. You tell GVC how many nights and meals you are interested in staying. (See our Rates and Available Dates pages for more information) From their we provide the setting, maintenance, and Meals. The rest is up to you. Our staff is here to help along the way but we want you to use our camp in the way that best meets the needs our your ministry. Please Contact Us to if you are interested in reserving GVC for your next camp or retreat.

Not wanting to plan and run your own camp. We can help with that too please visit our Missions page to learn more about camps put on by our staff.


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